Halloween around the globe

Halloween around the globe

19 October 2017

Frightfully exciting Halloween Festivals around the globe

Although it may not be the biggest annual past time for South African’s, Halloween is a great opportunity to throw on some scary garb, put on weird make up, and have a party.

The origins of Halloween come from the ancient Celtic Festival, Samhain. Roughly 2000 years ago people believed that the dead would come back to life as ghosts around the time of Samhain. To ward off these ghosts’ people would leave food outside their doors, and in the hope of not being discovered as living beings by the ghosts, they would wear masks when leaving the house. Over the centuries the Festival of Samhain became Old Hallows Eve and finally Halloween, when the Irish and Scottish Celtic traditions were re-ignited by those living in America.

Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead in Mexico is undoubtedly one of the most exciting festivals to attend during the annual Halloween celebrations. Originally, and still today, the Day of the Dead is celebrated across Mexico, as people remember and pay tribute to their loved ones who have passed on. Ultimately a three-day celebration, there are festivals held across the country in towns, villages and cities, with parades, markets, food, music and partying. You’ll discover elaborate costumes, skulls at every turn, and loads more.

Derry City Halloween Festival

This four-day festival takes place at the heart of it all, the place where it all began. Derry in Northern Ireland plays host to a fun filled four days of parades, music, fireworks and loads more, as the spirits of the past re-join the living to celebrate the ancient festival of Samhain!

Highlights include:

    Awakening the Walls
    Haunted Harvest Market
    Museum of the Moon
    Monster Fun Fair
    Samhain Sessions
    Carnival Parade

Dying to celebrate Halloween in America?

America is the country with the largest Halloween following, and as such, there are no shortages of festivals to choose from when it comes time to celebrate the dead. One of the biggest in the country must be The Village Halloween Parade in New York City which entices 2 million festival goers each year.

Jack the Ripper, ghosts and more!

London is a city filled with history, stories and folk-lore, so when Halloween hits the great city, there are plenty of heart-stopping experiences to choose from. Take a ghost tour which will surely set your heart racing, or get acquainted with the infamous Jack the Ripper, who stalked the city streets centuries ago, and caused havoc among the populace inducing fear around every corner!

Geckos: Day of the Dead Oaxaca - 9 Days

If you want to do Halloween right and experience a festival unlike any other, then you should take advantage of our Dead Oaxaca tour. You’ll get dangerously close to the spirits of the past, while revelling in the colourful and spectacular festivals of Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations. The tour includes a visit to breath-taking mountain ranges, Caribbean caves and more dancing and parties than your feet can handle.

Put on your bravest face, spark your adventurous spirit and join the haunting festivities of Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. Learn more about ancient traditions, and rituals surrounding the spirits of the past, while having the biggest party of your life and visiting some of the most amazing places on earth. Speak to one of our travel experts today to find out how you can get into the Halloween spirit the right way!