Your 2018 Travel Plan: The Best Festivals in Bali

Your 2018 Travel Plan: The Best Festivals in Bali

20 October 2017

Bali offers some of the world’s most unique festivals. Experience events like Ultra, the Bali Vegan Festival, Arts Festival, Spirit Festival and Ogoh-Ogoh Monster Parade. One thing is for sure, these festivals will give you some of the greatest stories to come back home with.

Ultra Beach Bali

The cream of the crop when it comes to EDM festivals not just in Bali, but in the world. This worldwide phenomenon always makes its way to Bali in the later half of the year. Previous headliners include afrojack, deadmau5, Zedd, KYGO, Hardwell and more, while supporting acts have included the likes of REZZ, KLINGANDE, Nicky Romero and dozens of other phenomenal DJs. As if the chart-topping DJs aren’t enough of a draw, the festival takes place on the beach (usually at Potato Head Beach Club) and promises the party of a lifetime.

Bali Vegan Festival

If EDM isn’t quite your thing, or maybe it is but you’re also down to celebrate the more down-to-earth side of life, the Bali Vegan Festival is for you. Open to vegans and the “vegan curious” alike, this is an annual 3-day community-minded festival that aims to inspire those in attendance about an alternative way of living. The festival features world-famous speakers along with food so delicious that even if you’re not a vegan you’ll still find yourself inspired and impressed by the flavours that meet your tastebuds. The best part about this festival, besides the great food, is that it’s free. So even if you don’t think it’s your scene, pop in and give it a try—you’ve got nothing to lose!

Bali Arts Festival

The Bali Arts Festival is one of the biggest, most famous festivals in Bali. It brings the island’s cultural scene to life and is a must-visit for young travellers who want to know more about Bali. It’s a month-long festival and has dozens of exhibitions by different artists, musicians and performers. The festival usually starts on the second Saturday of June and finishes a month later in July. Many towns are decorated with traditional bamboo and coconut decorations to celebrate, with dozens of outdoor stages and pavilions set up throughout where you can see dancing, musical performances and… puppetry (which is a lot more entertaining than it sounds). What would a festival be without food? Make sure you go to this festival hungry, because Balinese cuisine will be served and definitely give you dishes and street-style food worth boasting about on Instagram.

Bali Spirit Festival

Yoga, dance and music are what’s on the agenda for this famous festival. Over 7000 people from all over the world make the trip to attend this phenomenon, which is definitely something that should be on your bucket list (if it isn’t already). Yoga classes, martial arts and a vibrant night life with concerts and DJ sets mean you won’t stop moving. The Dharma Fair Community Area also has an incredible market where you’ll find delicious food and drinks to keep your energy up for all the dancing and activities that see you through the festival. The festival takes place over five days and seven nights, so you can definitely drop in, even if it’s just a stop on your trip where you only spend a day or two. In 2018 it will be taking place from the 2nd of April.

Ogoh-Ogoh Monster Parade

In March of every year the streets of Bali are transformed. Ogoh-Ogoh are large statues, mostly in the form of mythological demons, that are paraded around the city before being burnt to ashes. Before this happens though, the ogoh-ogoh’s from each village are lined up for crowds in attendance to vote for the best one. The festival isn’t as dramatic as it sounds, and it is a sight to behold as the Balinese celebrate the symbolism of self-purification. This forms part of the Balinese new year, so the vibe is great and spirits are high. This unique festival might not be on the top of everyone’s agenda, but it should be; it is definitely one of the most unique things you will ever experience, and absolutely one of the best ways to soak up and witness Balinese culture.

What are you waiting for? With so many unique festivals to attend, Bali is begging for you to book your flights!