Why we love Zanzibar

17 March 2017

This island off the Tanzanian coast has it all: white, sandy beaches that stretch on for miles; see-through, crystal-clear turquoise water; loads of adventure activities to line up for; yummy food; and, as the name suggests, many cocktail BARs. (Okay, we made up the last bit. The vibey bars along the coast are 100% likely not to have anything to do with ZanziBAR’s name, but we like giving them the attention they deserve.)



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So, the first thing you should do when arriving in ZanziBAR is to head to one of the many bars with a seaview – just to make sure you immediately realise you’re in one of the most awesome places in the world. And then, sipping on your cocktail, you can go through your itinerary for the rest of the most epic holiday you’ll ever have (yes, we do love ZanziBAR that much).


Whether you’re keen to show off your beach bod on a pool chair all day, or to put on your diving mask for some serious underwater exploring, we’ve got you covered. You can even combine a dhow cruise with a lit snorkeling excursion to one of the smaller islands, where travellers are often served delicious fresh seafood.


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Also check out the cobblestone alleys and buildings of Stone Town, the old part of the capital ZanziBAR City and a Unesco World Heritage Site. You’ll love the carved wooden doors and other detail – a mix of Swahili, Indian, Arab and European architecture and design. Don’t miss out on a tour to one of the spice plantations just outside Stone Town, where you’ll realise why ZanziBAR’s meals are so flavoursome.



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While we’re on the topic of food – make sure you visit a local market, where you’ll find delicious seafood kebabs (think fish, squid, prawns and lobster); fresh fruit such as bananas, pineapples and oh-so-juicy mangoes; sugar-cane juice, an array of spices, including cinnamon, turmeric, saffron, cumin and cardomom; fried cassava (a starchy veg similar to potato); and chapatis, flatbreads that originated in India. Our Travel Ninjas, recently promoted to Travel Masters, know a great deal when they see it and a trip to ZanziBAR is definitely one. Wanderlust? No, we call it ZanziBARlust.

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