Travel safety tips for group tours

Travel safety tips for group tours

7 July 2017

Whether you’re travelling solo, with your partner or even a few friends, a group tour is a great way to go! Say goodbye to all the hassles of planning your own itinerary, finding the right hostels and booking cultural experiences − and say hello to laid-back, worry-free travel.

When it comes to safe travelling, group tours are your best bet. And while all travel comes with some risks, it’s really easy to stay safe if you follow a few simple precautions. Take a look at these useful tips to stay footloose and trouble free on your next adventure.

Do your homework

Before deciding on the tour operator you’d like to use, it’s a good idea to do some additional research. Find out what kind of transport they use and the amenities on board. Check out travel forums for info on what the guides are like, how experienced they are and whether they know their stuff. Of course, researching the route, stops, hotels, food and activities for each trip is also a must.

Pack smart

Travelling by bus is a whole lot comfier when you’re not lugging a huge, heavy bag around. It’s also a whole lot safer. The less you carry, the fewer things you have to keep an eye on. Don’t be tempted to wear expensive jewellery or carry around too much cash. Be sure to pack your own bags and never carry anything for anyone else, especially across borders.

Stash your stuff

It’s far less likely that the other travellers on your group tour will steal your things. But even so, it’s a good idea to keep your valuables under wraps. Always lock your passport and other high-value items in the hotel safe or hostel locker. Don’t leave your things lying around loose on the bus or in your dorm room. Consider putting a small combination lock on your bag. And always keep a copy of your passport separate and in a safe place.

Make friends

If you’re going solo, it’s a great idea to make friends with your fellow travellers. Not only could you make some new besties, there’s also safety in numbers when you go out after dark. Check out the latest bars and local hangouts together, try not to take taxis back to the hostel alone and keep an eye out for each other. Being in a group also reduces the risk of becoming victim to petty crimes, especially if you’re out partying into the wee hours.

Go with the flow

One of the best parts of group travel is having an experienced guide to show you the greatest spots to visit and give you the low-down on all the activities, experiences and attractions in the area. Your guide has your best interests in mind, so if they advise you not to stray into a certain high-risk areas or to avoid speaking to certain groups of locals, it’s a good idea to follow their lead. If you do decide to go your own way, let your guide or a fellow traveller know so there’s always someone in the loop.

Follow the rules

Group tours offer plenty of flexibility. But there are a few rules in place for your own safety. Keep in mind meeting places and times. Avoid areas that your guide has designated as dangerous. It goes without saying that you need to follow the local law and customs too. If you’re unsure about anything, just ask your guide for some tips to stay on the right side of the law.

Have fun!

Staying safe on your travels is important, but so is having fun! Once you have these easy safety tips sorted, the rest is totally up to you. So don’t be afraid to get out there, experience the world and make unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.

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