5 Unique, Travel-Worthy Music Festivals

22 July 2019

5 Unique, Travel-Worthy Music Festivals

If you’re going to travel for a music festival it better have two things. Firstly, a band or artist that you really love and secondly, an awesome setting that would make the entire trip worthwhile even if your favourite band didn’t show up and all the food and drink ran out. Hopefully, that would never happen – but with these five music festivals, you’d be so busy enjoying the location that you wouldn’t mind even if it did.

Epizode, Vietnam

New kid on the block Epizode launched in 2017 and is quickly garnering a reputation as one of the best destination festivals going. Situated on one of Vietnam’s biggest islands, you can jam all day long in a setting of clear, temperate waters and blinding white sand. Plus, Vietnamese food is to die for – and Phú Quốc is known for its fabulous food scene. And if you get bored of the music and food (not likely) there’s always time to admire the modern art installations which the festival is known for.



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Secret Solstice, Iceland

It’s light 24/7 in Reykjavik at this time of year, so upon arriving at Secret Solstice you already know that you’re in for the kind of experience that’s going to mess with your mind. It’s almost incomprehensibly eclectic and quirky. Just accept it and enjoy 72 hours of never-ending daylight. And aside from the world-class acts, performances in lava tunnels, and party in a glacier (um, yes please!) there’s also world-class sightseeing nearby. The town of Reykjavik is quirky and colourful, but take a short drive and you can relax in geothermal hot springs, see volcanoes and waterfalls, and experience the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland.

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Magnetic Fields, India

This glorious boutique festival is held in a 17th century Indian palace, full of old school glamour and opulence. The palace belongs to a Rajasthani Prince in the village of Alsisar, six hours outside of New Delhi. It adjoins to a desert and you can’t help but feel that this is a place where the old and new worlds have happily collided. Traditional folk performances are paired alongside new age electronic acts, the sounds of reggae pierce the air on one stage while people quietly appreciate classical piano at another. Expect dancing on the rooftop as the sun rises, artisanal cocktails in the palace dungeons, lazing on the expansive lawns and spending hours wandering the enchanting grounds of the Palace as and when the mood takes you.

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Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria

Meadows in the Mountains is off the beaten track, and only those who really want to get there make the effort. If you’re one of under 2000 people who make the trek though, you’ll be rewarded handsomely. As the name implies, this festival is nestled in Bulgaria’s Rhodope mountains near the Greek border. You’ll be treated to panoramic mountain views and rolling green hills, traditional Bulgarian food, wooden huts, and under-the-radar music acts with a bit of everything; pop, rock, dance, acoustic, you name it. The real magic happens at around 5am when the sun rises each day and the clouds creep in over the mountains below you – you’re literally dancing above the clouds as the sun slowly makes its way up to your mountaintop gathering. It’s remote, beautiful, and somewhat of a spiritual journey, not just a music festival.

Sandbox, Egypt

Even though Sandbox has been around for nearly seven years, it’s still largely undiscovered. It’s located in an Egyptian coastal town called El Gouna, and the charming little town offers festival-goers the chance to mix their music experience with watersports, horseriding, and artsy boutique hotels and quirky cafes. No tents and cold boerewors rolls needed here!



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