Uncover the ancient ruins of Egypt and imagine exploring the bustling streets of Cairo. Draw in the fragrant aromas of incredible spices as you walk through an endless maze of market stalls and experience all the magic of the city. Then, travel to the windswept deserts of Giza. Marvel at the wonder of the Sphinx see the iconic pyramids and the great Valley of the Kings where powerful Pharaohs laid to rest. Whether you dream of a romantic Nile River cruise or once in a lifetime adventure, our team of experts can find the ultimate Egyptian tour for you.

Discover the secrets of the Kingdom of Jordan. From the elegant remains of Petra to the ancient Roman ruins in Jerash and the unique waters of the Dead Sea, Jordan is a country steeped in both spiritual and ancient history. Go back to biblical times and see where Jesus was baptized or walk the path of Moses up Mount Nebo and view the world as he did.


Giza Pyramids


Journey to rich imperial cities alive with exotic experiences, ride a camel through the desolate sands of the Sahara or simply relax in the beauty of Casablanca. Our Moroccan tours can take you from the craggy peaks of the Atlas Mountains to the crazy Kasbahs of Rabat or the bustling bazaars of Marrakech. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner under the stars on a desert camel trek, shop for exotic wares at the local souk or simply soak in the country’s stunningly unique architecture. No matter where your next adventure takes you, a Flight Centre tour expert can help you get there.

For nature enthusiasts, Africa is the ultimate place to view incredible wildlife not found anywhere else in the world. Imagine embarking on an incredible safari and watching giraffes tower over the beautiful landscapes of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, elephants drinking from the meandering waters of Botswana’s Chobi River or listening to the thundering of a thousand hooves crashing over the Serengeti during the Great Migration. With tours to the most sought after safari destinations in the world, Flight Centre can help you plan your next holiday into the wild.


Africa into the wild


Travellers looking for adrenaline pumping adventure can find it all in Africa. Explore the rolling dunes of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast or dive into the devils pool in Zambia’s Victoria Falls. With exciting new adventures at every turn, Africa is rich with unforgettable experiences. Whether you are looking to climb to the towering peaks of Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro or share the thick jungle with Gorilla’s in Uganda, our experienced Flight Centre adventure experts can push you to the limit with theultimate African getaway.

Get away from the bustle of the cities and explore some of Africa’s untouched treasures. Glide over the emerald waters of Lake Malawi, snorkel through crystal clear waters in Zanzibar or experience first-hand Kenya’s incredible Masai Mara culture. From relaxing on untouched stretches of white sand beach or discovering incredible new cultures, Africa’s incredible natural beauty will inspire you. Begin your journey today and find out about all Flight Centre’s incredible tours in Africa.

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