Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can be in a club?

Sole initiative only 1.
Stokvel group Minimum 3 - Maximum 30

I’m interested but don’t have a group, can I join?

You can open up a sole initiative as the only contributor.

Is Stokvel based on any specific special?

Stokvel is not based on any specific deal. Group savings will determine what you qualify for. You save first then book when you have enough saved up.

Do I earn interest?

We do not offer interest due to the legal implications but will provide exclusive club discounts based on group or individual savings patterns and club progress.

How long can I keep my club active?

As long as the club has more than R500 in it, it will stay open.

Is my money secure?

We have partnered up with a very reputable financial institution that brings the added efficiency and effectiveness necessary to allow for the safety and security of all funds contributed toward that dream holiday.

Why should I open a Stokvel club?

To benefit from exclusive discounts not available to anyone else.
Save towards a trip.
Expert travel advice.
credit implications.
Gradual spend on a holiday.

What are the contribution methods?

EFT, Push debits and store cash.

How much do we contribute each month?

This will be determined by the club there is no minimum or maximum as long as the account exceeds R500 as a total it remains active.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions